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The Institute for Childhood Education


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The ultimate goal of education is to grow children into those who have a sense of purpose and enjoy a life of satisfaction and meaning. Children need a solid self understanding as well as a realistic understanding of the world and the opportunities and needs that are there. Children need guidance to develop a realistic plan and long term goals to accomplish something meaningful in the world.

The definition of “school-age” will vary from community to community, as many school districts are offering preschool programs for three and four-year-olds. These children are often included in after-school childcare programs—especially those offered in school settings. The needs of three to five-year-old children are very different than the needs of elementary school children and they should be cared for in settings separate from those who are older. For the purpose of this information, we are defining “school-age” as six through 12 years old as these are the typical ages of children in first through sixth grades.

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