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The Institute for Childhood Education


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School age child care programs can provide many opportunities for children to learn about their word, pursue their own questions and develop scientific thinking. Without the constraints of standardized tests and packaged curriculum, children can apply the scientific information they learn in school in fun and intriguing ways.

School agers are fascinated by the natural world and are intrigued by the wonders of science. Providing opportunities for children to pursue their questions about the world and how it works will allow them to apply scientific information from the classroom in meaningful and engaging ways. Science experiences captivate children’s curiosity, promote higher level thinking and increase children’s conceptual understanding of the world.

The Project Approach is a framework popularized by Lillian Katz and Sylvia Chard to support and engage children in an in-depth investigation of a particular topic of interest. The key feature of a project is that it is designed to answer specific questions posed by children. The central theme of the investigation may spontaneously arise as children observe and ask questions about the world or the theme may be introduced by the caregiver based on her observations of the things that seem to generate excitement and curiosity.



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