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Math Activities
The Institute for Childhood Education

Math Activities

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Finding ways to apply math in every day living sharpens skills and builds a sense of responsibility, competence and belonging. There are many decisions and purchases that need to be made in childcare settings and it makes sense to go to the children themselves for input. Falling in love with reading and with books is the goal for all children.

The goal of a school-age childcare program is to provide opportunities for children to apply acquired math skills in a variety of creative and intriguing activities across the curriculum. As children engage in art experiences, science explorations, gardening, cooking or music, they are applying important math skills in many different contexts. In addition to content driven, curricular activities, there are also many ways to integrate and apply mathematical concepts and thinking in everyday life. These real life experiences are often so commonplace that we often fail to “find the math” in ordinary places.

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