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Harried Parents
The Institute for Childhood Education

Harried Parents

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The fast-paced, materialistic culture in which we live can create a pressure cooker of stress for both children and parents. Misplaced priorities can leave children fearful and feeling isolated from parents. This publication consists of 4 (8 1/2” X 11”) pages of information that identifies the four core fears of children and how materialism, a misplaced focus on academics, preoccupation and media can create a toxic culture.

Dr. James Garbarino, Professor of Humanistic Psychology at Loyola University, describes American culture as “toxic” or poisonous to the development of children. For many, childhood is no longer a time of protection, innocence and play. They are expected to cope with divorce, domestic and community violence, poverty, untreated health issues and bullying.

The most powerful protective factor for a child from the effects of a toxic culture is a warm, responsive relationship with a caring adult who is consistently present in the life of the child. Optimally, this relationship is with a parent, but those who work with children on a regular basis are well aware that this is often not the case. Years of research have clearly demonstrated that caregivers, teachers and other influential adults can establish meaningful relationships with children that will have positive implications for a lifetime.

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