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Clubs and Enrichment
The Institute for Childhood Education

Clubs and Enrichment

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Belonging to a club offers the opportunity for a child to develop a sense of belonging. Those who struggle with peer relationships are given the chance to work alongside others of their own age. They develop friendships that carry over into other settings. By participating in clubs, children learn that others share their interests and participation in activities around shared interests is the foundation of meaningful friendships.

Research indicates that participation in school-age programs is beneficial for elementary children. One of the primary benefits is the decrease in risky behaviors such as experimentation with drugs and sex. Effective programs address the needs of the whole child and provide enrichment activities that support individual needs and interests. Developing clubs, establishing mentoring relationships, participating in altruistic events and enjoying field trips around the community helps children discover their unique talents and interests which can eventually lead to a sense of purpose. Research indicates that enrichment activities such as dance, music, sports and cooking lead to positive academic results and greater concentration.

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